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Escalate Sales Campaigns and Build a Stronger Customer Base

Manage all aspects of your business with the Sales Cloud

Generate lucrative leads with new campaigns and pipelines. Nurture stronger customer relations with existing and new accounts. Predict sales revenues with better organized representatives in all sales territories.

At Xtrictech 3PL , our SalesForce consultants plan and optimize your sales processes and resources to create a holistic view of team and individual performances. We help your sales managers apply the many features and benefits of Sales Cloud to optimize resources and processes to ensure more lucrative returns.

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    360 degrees, team-wide insights for your sales strategy

    Adapt to the SalesForce automation software to leverage the benefits of sales quotas and territory management, AI-enabled insights and accurate sales forecasting. Help your sales teams and sales managers collaborate from anywhere, anytime with Slack and other campaign management tools. Our Salesforce specialists and consultants can transform your workflows with a singular and centralized space for all types of data, conversations, apps and alerts.

    • Track and organize your marketing campaign structure to link up efforts with business processes.
    • Collect, act upon, and convert leads in good time to close deals with the benchmarked Sales CRM platform.
    • Monitor and report ROI and ongoing marketing performance across different sales segments and tasks facilitated by Sales Cloud

    Configure and Customize Sales Cloud to Escalate the Value of Your Sales

    The Sales consultants at Xtrictech 3PL can assist both reps and managers by automating processes from the word go. According to the Salesforce Customer Success Metrics Survey, you can aim for 38% escalation in sales productivity with Salesforce Sales Cloud. The benefits include an increase of 28% and 26% respectively in sales revenue and opportunity win rate. With their recommendations, your sales reps and managers can enjoy the following benefits:

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    Efficient Tasks and Events Management

    • Sales Cloud can construct a well-aligned sales structure with in-depth customer details. This ensures more effective customer communication through multiple channels.
    • Reps can control and manage all sales activities, such as calls, emails, tasks, field visits and meetings with the aid of AI-enabled activity timelines.
    • The lightening-fast UI experience created by Sales Cloud provides in-depth views of sales opportunities and accounts. This cuts down on searches and saves upon time resources.
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    Informational Support @ Sales Cloud Einstein

    • Sales Cloud Einstein provides alerts about deals, accounts and leads to support the decisions of sales reps. They can get timely information about the leads that have a strong likelihood to convert.
    • Sales Cloud provides advanced customer communication channels to enable quick closures and higher returns. The Lightning Voice feature enables automated call logging and one-click calling.
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    Different Social Accounts and Contacts

    With Sales Cloud, sales reps can get hands-on information about their accounts and contacts from diverse sources. They can access the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube accounts of prospects and customers for effective handling of their needs.
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    Automation Benefits

    Process Builder, which is an integral part of Sales Cloud, aids the automation of manual tasks to reduce time to action, redundancy and operational costs. Reps can readily follow up on leads or nurture opportunities in real time with the help of email notifications and field updates.
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    Benefits for Sales Reps


    Efficient and Easy Management

    It becomes easy for sales managers to chalk out, define and manage sales processes with Sales Path. This feature of Sales Cloud depicts the actions to be taken by sales reps in the course of lead accumulation and conversions.

    Products and Price Books

    In case you transact with multiple currencies then the rules drawn by the Products and Price Books feature of Sales Cloud will help create the best pricing options for your services/ products. It also helps sales managers decide upon price changes and discounts to specific customer groups, basis their geographical location, needs, interests, etc.

    Align Business Goals with Lead Conversion Tasks

    At Xtrictech 3PL , we understand your B2B and B2C business needs and recommend the best lead conversion processes possible through Sales Cloud. Our SalesForce experts set processes to convert your leads into accounts, contacts or opportunities. They provide customized solutions, validations and automated workflows to make the entire process of lead conversions consistent and seamless.

    Smooth Tracking

    The dashboards and reports generated by Sales Cloud enables sales managers to keep a watch on the performance of their reps. They can track important sales figures, forecast sales and improve the productivity of reps by highlighting the gaps or strengths in their performance.

    Process Builder & Sales Cloud Einstein

    • The Process Builder feature of Sales Cloud creates automated workflows to provide sales managers with automated means of supervising the performance of their reps.
    • The Sales Cloud Einstein of Sales Cloud has AI-aided analytical capabilities to support more accurate sales predictions. Sales managers can align business trends, opportunity engagements and customer pipeline information to make sound decisions.

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