Fully-managed Process Automation with RPA Services and Metrics

Automate repetitive tasks with low-code development, easy licensing and RPA deployments

Automate to save resources, time and money

End Cumbersome Tasks with AI-driven Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

End-to-end robotic process automation software

C-suites are enabling digital transformations with end-to-end robotic process automation software to free resources, reduce costs and eliminate tedious tasks. They are investing in RPA designs, RPA planning and implementation, RPA monitoring and governance to get smarter returns.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions are automating routine rules-based processes to help organizations save upon resources, time and money. Future-ready enterprises have already invested in RPA and are making the most of the emerging technology by aligning it with their business objectives.

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    Xtrictech 3PL are experts at automation

    In the process of IT modernization and acceleration, they are using RPA to develop and integrate software robots to emulate human actions. Along with seamless interactions with linked software and digital systems, these robots are expected to perform defined actions, navigate IT systems skillfully, and extract useful data faster than humans – and in a more predictable fashion.

    The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions and services provided by expert teams at Xtrictech 3PL can streamline workflows with increased flexibility. They increase your responsiveness, employee satisfaction and user engagement metrics. Our RPA systems ensure the quick, end-to-end digital transformation of legacy systems via automated tasks and increased employee productivity.

    We Develop, Deploy and Track Your Bots

    Explore our AI-enabled Robotic Process automation (RPA) low code features to accelerate automation and modernization. Tap the potential of RPA to solve the most complex operational challenges and propel business growth.

    Service #1

    Bots Management

    Our in-depth capabilities of handling automotive repetitive tasks help organizations take care of unattended bots without the need for any human interventions. We also enable your in-house teams to take the assistance of attended bots or bots on demand to develop engaging chatbots to suit the demands of your specific channels.
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    Service #2

    Scheduling & Workload Management

    The Robotic Process Automation tools and techniques at Xtrictech 3PL are designed to develop bots quickly and with different low-code prebuilt commands. Our RPA specialists use intelligent methods of workload distribution across multiple bots to enable effective time schedule management for unattended bots.
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    Service #3

    Low-code RPA Tools

    Our vaults are designed for secure and easy storage. We deploy RPA applications on the cloud or on-premises platforms to deliver seamless execution and management. Once deployed, we use low-code RPA tools and futere-oriented processes to increase scalability and improve the performance of bots on the virtual host.
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    Escalate Business Efficiency with RPA

    Automate your IT and business transition efforts at scale We create software robots that respond to AI insights to finish your tasks without any lag time or ambiguity. Look forward to superior business outcomes and accelerated digital transformation with our RPA consultants and experts.

    Kickstart Automation with Minimum Efforts

    Automatically analyze and classify customer requests on the basis of urgency, intent, issue or topics. Our NLP customer support tools manage, route, track and respond instantly to deliver superior customer experiences and services.

    Grow with Full-featured RPA Solutions

    Automated processes aided by NLP-enabled tools and principles can leave your employees free to concentrate on their core capabilities, eliminating repetitive tasks that leave your employees bored, tired or with a lack of focus.

    Streamline your IT Operations with RPA

    Leverage end-to-end natural language processing strategies to gather a deep understanding of human languages to impact your marketing strategies and increase your visibility, traffic and reach.

    Reduced Cost of Ownership

    Additional levels of analyses are included to break down the text in online reviews, comments and open-ended survey responses. Our strategies and applications understand unstructured data so they can be understood by your machines.

    Transformative Benefits of RPA

    RPA services take on all repetitive, manual and AI processes to give the ‘digital kickstart’ to businesses of all sizes, however small or big. Our ready-to-download, pre-built bots are trained to handle multiple jobs while providing a host of benefits.
    • Robotic Process Automation mimics machine-human interactions to log into applications, access data, compute and finish business-critical jobs.
    • Proper RPA integration delivers continuous, rapid and major improvements to escalate business metrics without altering the main IT infrastructure.
    • Resilient, robust and scalable, RPA robots can be scaled up for enterprise-wide use. They perform relentlessly to handle workload and demand peaks.
    • RPA models increase accuracy and efficiency with empathy and intelligent judgment to take over repetitive tasks and save valuable resources.

    Empower Your Business with RPA Solutions

    We help you adopt the most relevant and cost-effective RPA solutions to meet your primary business goals. Automate your IT infrastructure and business processes with scalable RPA automation tools to modernize and accelerate your automation objectives.

    Viable RPA models and applications to complement your business processes and goals.


    Non-intrusive architecture and flexible methods of robotic automation for overall efficiency.


    Quick transformation and modernization of platforms, tasks and processes for fast changes.


    Single, centralized platform for handling human and robotic processes for easy coordination.

    What clients are saying

    • Emma Solinas

      Emma Solinas

      CEO, Fasttrack Solutions
      “The groundbreaking technologies and out-of-the box AI solutions provided by Xtrictech 3PL has introduced us to a useful new world of science. Thank you for speeding our transformations.”
    • Mike Simons

      Mike Simons

      COO, Panasonic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
      “We are enjoying higher sales and more leads with a fast-moving growth graph. Really glad to have connected with your digital transformation team. Thank you Xtrictech 3PL . We needed this!”
    • M. Clayton

      M. Clayton

      MD, Global Technologies
      “Your well designed, efficient data protection solutions are helping us manage complex landscapes and multiple clients with a higher degree of efficiency. We are saving costs by scaling down on premises solutions. Thank you once again.”


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