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The key to handling digital transformation

Enterprise app development is the key to handling digital transformation. It gives a firm platform to roadmaps set by emerging technology solutions. The significance of business apps in driving change and accelerated modernization has made enterprise application development a must for organizations, globally.

At Xtrictech 3PL, we make enterprise applications and systems cloud-ready, secure, resilient and scalable. Our enterprise application developers design, build, integrate, deploy and offer ongoing support for all types of applications. With flexible architecture, our easy-to-use apps ds boost employee productivity and can be used across the organization.

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    Xtrictech 3PL are application experts

    Business apps and related tools are useful for accomplishing different tasks and achieving automation goals. There may be multiple enterprise applications in use by specific companies at any given point in time. The challenge lies in making these apps interact and exchange data/resources effectively to perform specific business needs. Be it supplier relationship management systems, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, payroll systems, invoice management software or other enterprise apps, they all have to developed by experts to enhance efficiency and productivity.

    Enterprise Application Development Capabilities

    We develop frontline software solutions to unlock innovation and tap into the hidden potential of our clients. Leverage our mobile and web app development capabilities, low-risk approach and accelerators to ensure a competitive edge.

    Service #1

    Real-Time Data Analysis

    Real-time data analytics tools allow for more informed decision-making. Our enterprise app developers bridge the gap between real-time results and the previous day’s outcomes to enable deep analysis. Use our scalable, result-oriented data insights and analysis tools to level up in the digital era.
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    Service #2

    Better Resource Distribution

    Our app developers improve resource distribution to boost employee collaboration and efficiency. They strive to increase the overall productivity of enterprise applications by tracking orders in real-time. Timely resolution of client needs leads to higher profits and reduced operational costs.
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    Service #3

    Improved Partner Participation

    Xtrictech 3PL ’s enterprise application development solutions include mobile-friendly corporate tools that provide data for effective decision-making. Our developers can integrate low-code features in the right mix of enterprise apps. They increase business efficiency across the value chain.
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    Easy Solutions for Complex Problems

    There are numerous steps involved in the planning and development of mobile-friendly business applications. From designing apps to building them, their testing and deployment, integration and maintenance, our developers can take care of it all.

    Enterprise App Integration

    We conceptualize the layout and functions of different applications to streamline data and develop self-explanatory outputs. We boost business process automation and accelerate modernization for better business outcomes.

    Workflow Management

    The efficiency of operation teams depends on the workflows by managers. We introduce tailor-made, easy-to-manage applications to streamline workflows, mitigate risks, reduce the total cost of ownership and improve productivity.

    Digitized Processes

    Xtrictech 3PL ’s expertise in enterprise app building triggers significant changes in operations to enable optimum customer experiences. Our apps are fit to combat old and new business challenges to improve enterprise performance.

    Secure Applications

    Permissions, information privacy protection and checks are non-negotiable for enterprise app development processes. Commission regular application vulnerability tests to ensure servers in use are 100% secure and protected.

    Enterprise App Development & Integration

    We provide enterprise application integration services to remove the gaps between your computer programs, software solutions and applications. The simple interfaces developed by our experts help in seamless database management. They ensure effective use of the data stored by different departments and teams.
    • Increased productivity through 24/7 communication between your apps and customers.
    • Periodical vulnerability tests to secure applications, back-end services and servers.
    • Mobile applications with a user-friendly and light interface for better customer experiences.
    • Access to real-time data and deeper insights to future-proof, updated enterprise apps.

    Why Xtrictech 3PL?​

    We provide the right enterprise-grade solutions to help you develop customized, future-ready apps. Our deliverables are designed keeping your customers and fast-emerging technologies in mind. Especially developed to handle the resource and systems challenges of your organization, they accelerate every step of your automation journey.

    Seamless, user-friendly and holistic apps to automate your routine, core processes.


    Scalable business applications supported by AI, ML and other leading technologies.


    Chatbots, asynchronous messaging, MEAN Stack, SaaS and DevOps development.


    Integration of trending app features to improve customer experiences and engagements.

    What clients are saying

    • Emma Solinas

      Emma Solinas

      CEO, Fasttrack Solutions
      “The groundbreaking technologies and out-of-the box AI solutions provided by Xtrictech 3PL has introduced us to a useful new world of science. Thank you for speeding our transformations.”
    • Mike Simons

      Mike Simons

      COO, Panasonic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
      “We are enjoying higher sales and more leads with a fast-moving growth graph. Really glad to have connected with your digital transformation team. Thank you Xtrictech 3PL . We needed this!”
    • M. Clayton

      M. Clayton

      MD, Global Technologies
      “Your well designed, efficient data protection solutions are helping us manage complex landscapes and multiple clients with a higher degree of efficiency. We are saving costs by scaling down on premises solutions. Thank you once again.”


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