New-age Blockchain Solutions Fintech and Financial Form the Universal Currency for Organizations Worldwide

Case Study: Blockchain solutions

New-age Blockchain Solutions Fintech and Financial Form the Universal Currency for Organizations Worldwide

Creating better trade experiences


Blockchain technology has brought many shifts to financial services and provides cutting-edge user experiences. Blockchain accomplishes everything from reducing fraud to managing global finance risks and facilitating secure, quick transactions.


The Client, a leading financial services provider, used multiple fintech solutions to handle its global financial ecosystem. Advanced technology solutions were already in place to handle money transfer services, payment networks, and stock exchanges. However, the challenges of excessive paperwork, the high costs of handling different stakeholders, security concerns, and data breaches were coming in the way of the Client’s everyday functioning.

The need of the hour was to:

  • Design new financial instruments and infrastructures with integration into private, public, or consortium blockchain networks.
  • Innovative and incumbent solutions with specific blockchain products were necessary for better auditing, controlled risks, more secured infrastructure to combat cyber threats, faster transactions, and immediate payment modules.

Primarily, the Client wanted to understand and deploy the potential of Blockchain technology and the stringent rules guiding it. In addition, there was an urgency to leverage the benefits of Blockchain and implement easily accessible, reliable, and transparent financial services. Therefore, Xtrictech 3PL created an all-in-one blockchain solution to reintegrate trust within its transactions and trade ecosystem.

How Xtrictech 3PL Helped

Blockchain Technology Solutions by Xtrictech 3PL

The Client’s business is dependent on reliable and transparent financial information. Our Blockchain experts devised faster and more accurate information handling and delivery methods through immutable ledgers (with limited access). With our timely Blockchain interventions, it was possible for the Client to:

  • Track payments, orders, production, accounts, and transactions (with full details) to enjoy new opportunities and efficiencies.
  • Lower the fees of electronic payments and streamline the entire transfer process.
  • Gain real-time and accurate information on payment status and their reversibility options to prevent scams.
  • Bring in desired changes to enable efficient use of mobile devices and secure digital identity while delivering its financial services.
  • Execute enhanced digital currency transactions with Blockchain-enabled cryptocurrency solutions.
  • Reduce the costs of bookkeeping, commissions to intermediaries, purchase of central databases and their maintenance, database security, and value transfer systems.
  • Enable peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions with every stakeholder as a node.
  • Reduce credit and fund management risks with smart contracts, instant payment settlements, and more reliable data immutability tools.
  • Settle transactions near instantly and remove the risks that barred counter parties from meeting their obligations, thereby reducing bank expenses substantially.
  • Increase the options for financial services solutions in the time crises with digital/crypto or tokens or currencies.

The solutions and networks introduced by Xtrictech 3PL set the stage for instant settlements, reduced costs, higher transparency and security, effective risk controls, and more impactful audits. Our comprehensive assessment of blockchain requirements was based on multiple qualitative and quantitative criteria to generate the desired results.

Blockchain Benefits

Blockchain technology, oft-referred to as a universal currency used by the global financial sector, can replace paperwork and processes with new-age speed and innovation. In addition, the highly secure and transparent collective trust built with Blockchain capabilities creates better solutions to guarantee tangible business outcomes and benefits.

  • Simplified operations with muti-party, real-time tracking systems.
  • Superior handling of letters of credit and bank guarantees.
  • Faster, more accurate recording and reporting with automated compliance processes.
  • Integration of immutable data records for frictionless, accelerated, and point-to-point fund transfers across financial organizations.
  • Innovative service models with high scalability and security measures to ensure lower-cost, error-free settlements.
  • Unique digital representations of financial assets for trading all types of assets with higher speed and liquidity.

Solutions Offered

Our Blockchain-aided trade and financial solutions created better trade experiences for the Client. With reduced operational costs and risks, guarantees and credits were processed quickly and with deeper insights into the financial positions of different parties. Furthermore, with risk-mitigated, standardized, and transparent trade (credit, finance and insurance) solutions, new revenue opportunities emerged readily.

The Blockchain technology solutions implemented by Xtrictech 3PL fostered higher transparency and security in cross-border trading. We also integrated new trade networks and trading hubs to reinvent the complex trade processes of the Client. Our experiences in rapid product development, networking, strategy building, governance and compliance building could unlock blockchain value. Overall, we provided a whole stack of innovative tools to foster a sharp, competitive edge for the Client’s financial services business.