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Discover our full range of cloud services for flexible and timely resources, scalable solutions, faster innovation and a higher ROI. Move ahead with secure cloud networking, databases, storage, servers, intelligence, analytics and AIOps software.

Across the world, new-age enterprises are migrating towards cloud-powered IT resources. In the process, they are facing the challenges of disruptions, agility, availability, workflows, compliance adherence and network management.

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    Xtrictech 3PL are certified cloud experts

    To attain frictionless digital transformation and business continuity, next-gen businesses need analytical reporting advanced security, end-to-end modernization and reliable data intelligence solutions. It is also tough for them to decide between AWS, Google Platform, SAP HANA, IBM Cloud and other global cloud platforms.

    At Xtrictech 3PL , our dedicated teams of certified cloud experts provide 24/7 cloud consulting and ongoing AIOps-powered cloud support to enable the best cloud experiences. We take on complete responsibility to integrate an intelligent and resilient cloud approach across the entire organization. Explore our private, community, hybrid, and end-to-end public/multi-cloud managed services to pave the way for a secure, cloud-driven future.

    Managed Cloud Solutions and Applications

    Our cloud specialists provide scalable on-demand cloud servers, networks, storage resources and fully-managed cloud services to scale up and optimize your workloads. Connect with our cloud capabilities to adopt and migrate workloads to dependable cloud infrastructure from anywhere, anytime.

    Service #1

    Accelerated Business Growth

    Xtrictech 3PL cloud solutions are designed to modernize, maintain and manage your enterprise applications consistently. Enjoy more agility, control, security, visibility and cloud compliances on any platform – private, public, hybrid or community.
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    Service #2

    Innovation and Scaling

    Partner with leaders in cloud technology to bridge the smallest of internal gaps with innovative, trusted and successful ideas. Right from conceptualization of your cloud migration plans to enterprise-scale adoption strategies, we do it all at Xtrictech 3PL .
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    Service #3

    Reduced Application Costs

    Our fully-managed cloud applications work on most platforms with improved architectural flexibility. Aided by the latest cloud technology, our cost-effective cloud-native applications champion your cause with increased business growth and agility.
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    Cloud Service Capabilities for Quick Digital Transformations

    We provide industry-specific cloud services to unleash scalability, high performance and agility. Build a robust customized cloud architecture with our virtual cloud, public cloud and private cloud services backed by the latest technology tools and processes.

    Cloud Strategy and Consultation

    Our planned cloud approach and implementations create the finest blueprints for adopted cloud platforms and intelligent cloud experiences.

    Cloud Migration

    Embrace the benefits of early cloud infrastructure migration under a pay-per-use, singular SLA to take your applications and workloads to the cloud.

    AIOps-powered Cloud Managed Services

    We deliver globally compliant AIOps services for advanced business intelligence, security management and network administration.

    Cloud Infrastructure Building and Management

    Ready adoption of custom-designed cloud infrastructure with smart management and maintenance tools on multi-cloud platforms.

    Cloud Security and Operations

    Secure your cloud data, networks, operating models and workflows with our intelligent cloud security, risk assessment, threat prediction and detection teams.

    Cloud Monitoring and Reporting

    Track the performance and visibility of your entire cloud architecture with analytical reports, BI tools, threat notifications, real-time insights and alerts.

    What clients are saying

    • Emma Solinas

      Emma Solinas

      CEO, Fasttrack Solutions
      “The groundbreaking technologies and out-of-the box AI solutions provided by Xtrictech 3PL has introduced us to a useful new world of science. Thank you for speeding our transformations.”
    • Mike Simons

      Mike Simons

      COO, Panasonic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
      “We are enjoying higher sales and more leads with a fast-moving growth graph. Really glad to have connected with your digital transformation team. Thank you Xtrictech 3PL . We needed this!”
    • M. Clayton

      M. Clayton

      MD, Global Technologies
      “Your well designed, efficient data protection solutions are helping us manage complex landscapes and multiple clients with a higher degree of efficiency. We are saving costs by scaling down on premises solutions. Thank you once again.”


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