Support your digital strategies and gain explosive business results with our Ai engineered capabilities.

Transform your business with smart AI services and solutions

Your ROI Needs AI after Cloud Adoption

Reinvent your workflows, functions and processes

Artificial intelligence services from Xtrictech 3PL uses the latest Applied Intelligence solutions and services to escalate your cloud-computing powers. Leverage the powers of our AI data drivers, business strategies and analytics to deliver optimum value.

Deploy futuristic AI strategies and solutions to guarantee better business outcomes. Our AI modules and accelerators integrate new tools and features to escalate your growth chart. 

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Our AI Capabilities

Delivering real-time value to core functions and capabilities for long-term future growth

Capability #1

AI Technology Solutions

Automate, transform, accelerate and improve key business processes to scale your business and drive value. Our AI solutions make you agile enough to embrace and adopt technology and cultural changes.
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Capability #2

Data-driven Transformations

Include sustainable, cost effective and incremental initiatives to build a data-driven future. Our technology products and services improve operational efficiency, revenue streams and customer experiences.
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Capability #3

AI Governance and Ethics

Narrow the gaps to take control of AI impact, ethics, governance and accountability of the technologies you use. Our responsible AI approach will back your transformations and enable smooth AI governance and ethics.
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AI Services Stack

Intelligent Workflows & Solutions

Leverage AI, ML, data, consulting and analytics to scale AI objectives with our trustworthy, future-ready services.

Machine Learning (ML)

Train and integrate our Machine Learning platform into models and applications. Invoke functions with our ML techniques and API.

AI as a Service

We build flexible, agile, and secure DevOps, mobile, web and cloud applications with continuous integration, delivery features and development tools.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Pioneer changes with real actionable NLP-aided insights. Adopt Natural Language Processing to save time and resources.

AI App Development

Harness the powers of our tech stack for AI application development. Escalate automation with our mobile and web applications.

Robotic Process Automation

Increase efficiency with AI-driven RPA use cases. Automate mundane tasks using full-featured RPA services for faster ROI.

AI Business Consulting

Reinvent employee, customer experiences with smart AI Consulting Services. Upscale growth with intelligent consulting and workflows.

What clients are saying

  • Emma Solinas

    Emma Solinas

    CEO, Fasttrack Solutions
    “The groundbreaking technologies and out-of-the box AI solutions provided by Xtrictech 3PL has introduced us to a useful new world of science. Thank you for speeding our transformations.”
  • Mike Simons

    Mike Simons

    COO, Panasonic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
    “We are enjoying higher sales and more leads with a fast-moving growth graph. Really glad to have connected with your digital transformation team. Thank you Xtrictech 3PL . We needed this!”
  • M. Clayton

    M. Clayton

    MD, Global Technologies
    “Your well designed, efficient data protection solutions are helping us manage complex landscapes and multiple clients with a higher degree of efficiency. We are saving costs by scaling down on premises solutions. Thank you once again.”


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